Marco Gueli

          Originally from the Bronx, Marco began his musical career at the age of 13 when he wrote his first song in junior high school.

          By 1962 Marco wrote a song called "I'm so lonely" which he recorded on Mohawk records, It  charted and moved into the Top 100.

          In 1975, he formed a Duo group named "Reunion" which was successful and  performing locally on Long Island New York until 1999.

         Marco met Paul Giacalone in late 1999 who heard him on lead vocals performing "You were mine " & "I Cant say Goodbye" and instantly recruited him to become the new lead vocalist for The Fireflies.

           Prior to Paul Giacalone's passing , his wishes were that The Fireflies continue thier music and asked Marco to run the group which he has to this day.



Vic Puma

         An Original Staten Islander,  Vic Puma is also an experienced singer and performer. Growing his musical roots as a student performing in his high school chorus. 

         During the 1980s , Vic appeared with a variety of vocal groups including "Deja Vu" and with Fred Simmons in "New York Bandstand".

         In the early 90s he joined the "Capris", then moved to the  forefront as first tenor with the "Chimetones" where he remained until early 2001 when he came on board and now performs first tenor with "The Fireflies".

Tony Errigo

    Originally from Brooklyn New York at the age of 18, Tony Errigo and his friends formed a four piece contemporary rock and Doo-Wop band with Tony on percussion and background vocals.

    The group performed at numerous weekend dances, churches and private functions.

    Tony always loved singing street corner harmony with other neighborhood groups.

      Presently living in Staten Island New York, Tony is the newest addition to  "The Fireflies", singing second tenor and continuing to keep Doo-Wop alive.

Nick Catello

         Hailed from a large family of musicians in Staten Island New York, Nick Catello grew up listening, singing and drumming to songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

        Nick started in music and percussion at the age of 7 years old,  then at the age of 16 formed his own 9 piece disco dance band called "Hot Wired Express". He performed lead and background vocals while drumming at the same time.

        In 1979 he joined a Oldies Doo-Wop group who performed a wide variety of music in clubs and restaurants.

        In the past Nick has performed percussion on numerous TV commercials and has backed up and performed with major artists that include "Tavares", "Vito Picone and The Elegants" and "The Fireflies" to name a few.

       In 2014 Nick became a member of "The Fireflies" and is presently performing bass, baritone and leads with them at Oldies revival show's and concerts with other popular name acts of that era.

       He will forever be a part of the movement to keep "Mr. Paul Giacalone's Fireflies" and Rock and Roll    ALIVE.